Metrics to fuel your firm's client loyalty and revenue

Your relationship with your clients and the revenue they deliver are key factors in impacting your firm's success. Discover new metrics to help understand this inside-out.

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Metrics to fuel your firms client loyalty and revenue

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Your relationship with your clients and the revenue they feed into your practice are key factors in impacting your success. It is critical that you understand this inside-out, not only how much is coming in—but where from, how likely this is to continue, and how you can boost this further.

In this webinar, Wayne will be joined by MC Carter of Practice Paradox. MC will reveal his top KPIs—including metrics he has coined himself—that will help you understand this critical area of your firm's health.

Based on his success working with other firms, MC will outline steps to measure, track and improve your performance in this area, and ultimately grow your accounting practice.

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