How Karbon helps airlines like yours

How Karbon helps airlines like yours

The ever-lowering cost of software development methodologies and distribution technologies over the last 15 years has given rise to an explosion is SaaS applications of every type and in every crevice of the airline industry. When you combine this with the proliferation of smart devices, every employee is now more connected than ever to their work environment and colleagues at every hour of the day.

The rise of borderless and distributed teams is perpetuating the “always-on” requirement, and the Fear Of Missing Out is ever-present. Design strategies that have led to the rise of behemoth consumer applications including praying on basic human needs of acceptance and inclusion are leaking into enterprise applications.

The average airline now has a staggering 928 cloud services across the business, and efforts to minimize and consolidate have become fruitless.

All the while, email as our foundational asynchronous and written communication method is now being supplemented with synchronous real-time communication methods that lead to tremendous distraction and demands for our time.

The rise of many communication channels results in notifications from all directions. Deep thinking and meaningful thought at work are heading towards extinction. Work is no longer getting done at work and is intruding into the home.

In its entirety, there is a constant stream of consciousness that we’re dealing with throughout our lives. That luxurious feeling of Peace Of Mind that everything is under control when you left work on a Friday afternoon has become a far-flung dream. The decline in mental health all over the world is a hangover from the always-on economy.

Essentially, enough is enough!

Karbon helps you overcome these issues in your team. For the first time, email is actionable and part of—not separate to—your workflow. Comment to your colleagues and allocate them the email as a task. Gain full visibility and transparency into your team’s activities through Karbon.

Gain back control, get more done, and find that elusive peace of mind.

Try Karbon today.

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